How are scarves and shawls born?

The work begins with a sketch, which I create by myself. I like non-standard designs (drawings) - kittens, zebras, fishes, witches, houses, bright flowers and much more.

In my work I use different types of 100% high-quality natural silk: satin, crepe de Chine, foulard, tual, excelsior. All of them are different by gloss or matt, smoothness or granularity, density or lightness.

At first, I hold on white silk cut on thespecial wooden frame. A fascinating and exciting process of painting starting with the transfer of my sketch on white silk cut. I paint with professional paints, resistant to burning out and washing away processes. I use dyes perfectly suitable for silk paintings, fixed by a steam process with special technology.

The painting process is finished, but the shawl or scarf is not ready. Next step is one of most important - "Fixing dyes". Our shawl or scarf must be under steam in a special container for 2 hours. After this stage shawls and scarves' dyes become brighter and stronger, and silk improves its quality and gloss.

All my scarves and shawls are hand-stitched. I sew my work by my hands, using a thin silk thread painted in the same tone as this particular shawl or scarf.

Natural silk is healthy. Modern cosmetics firms use silk as part of their products. Natural silk is hypoallergenic and comfortable. In the summer it is pleasantly cold, in cold weather, it is perfectly warm.

Enjoy the pleasant contact with natural silk. Following the simple rules of wearing silk products - your scarf or scarf will please you for a long time.

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